In a world where we may not constantly be accompanied by another, the NEBULA is a reminder that we do not run solo; instead, we carry within many versions of our own selves because, we are never just one person…

Umpteen spheres in variegated sizes sculpted from mirror-finished stainless-steel, gravitate together to form a large lustrous suspended cloud.

When positioning oneself in the vicinity, the multitude of shiny convex surfaces catch a motley of perspectives. And while each distinctly reflected portrait peers back curiously, the collective of these images becomes a determined indication of our kaleidoscopic potential.

What may haveseemed as an onerous nimbus from a distance, is in fact an imperative reflection of the deeper self.

Each of us is an entire universe and the NEBULA echoes the hopeful promise that even when we catch ourselves desolate under a somber rain cloud, it is but a mere mirage, for reality lies in looking up, where we find ourclosest companions.

Dimension: approx. 3m (diameter) x 1m (height)

Material: Stainless Steel