Vihor Sogani Biography

Vibhor Sogani, born in Jaipur, India specialised in Industrial Design from the prestigious NID (National Institute of Design), Ahmedabad, India.

He started his studio in 1994 in Delhi and has been engaged in various prestigious and award winning commissioned installations, design projects and conceptual art assignments. Given his diverse interests, he also handled Offbeat projects like developing India’s first few Go‐Karting tracks; redesigning Mumbai’s suburban trains; upgradation of copper craft in the valley of Kashmir, to name a few.

Vibhor’s style is experimental and language transformative.  His passion in exploring diverse materials like steel, brass, copper, bronze, stone and mixed media, coupled with a strong interest in fine art has led to innovative artistic expressions. His language is contemporary, and has that international cosmopolitan flavour which is a natural corollary to the material he is dominantly using – Steel.

Over the years, Vibhor Sogani has made a strong mark in the areas of art & light-based installations.

India’s largest Public art installation ‘Sprouts’ is his creation. This 40 feet high steel installation stands in the 6 acres of greens in the heart of New Delhi. It was a Government initiative towards beautification of the capital city. Today it is considered a Landmark of Delhi. He has also executed a 30 feet high public art installation titled ‘Kalpavriksha – the wish fulfilling tree’ located on a 100ft. roundabout in Ahmedabad. Another of his prominent works is ‘Joy’, a 30 feet high Public art installation in DubaiUAE.

Vibhor’s work has been exhibited in various design & art shows in India & abroad like Australia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, S. Africa, Singapore, Germany etc. His exhibitions have often been supported by the Indian Government and the Governments abroad.

Recipient of many honours, Vibhor has also been awarded ‘Indian Art Icon of the Year 2014’ in Singapore. He has also served as a Government nominated member of the India Design Council. 

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