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Laden with integrity, spiraling up with might Resilient and reflective, aiming to ‘Lead Right’ 

Arise emerges from the water as an ode to Airtel in an expression of innovation: progress and drive for excellence. Witnessed from across the building, the ascending coil comes 

alive in an ever-changing, mesmerizing recital of reflections, and a curiously enthralling dialogue that ensues between the spectator and subject. 

Exuberantly radiating out and silently drawing in, the work begins  to embody a narrative of dualities. 

The sinuous steel curves catch hints of crimson highlights from beneath, casting a recurring array of gentle reflections across the water. 

The placid pool awakens in its center-rising effortlessly to transform from liquid to solid but getting caught in fragile moments from where it trickles back into the basin as silvery drops. 

Dimension approx. 20′ (height) x 18′ (diameter)

 Material: stainless steel